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Album: Roberrt 

Starring:Challenging Star" Darshan , Vinnod Prabhakar, 

Music :Sri

Lyrics-Sri Mani

Singers :Ramya Behera

Producer:Umapthy Srinivas Gowda 

Director:Tharun Kishore Sudhir

Year: 2021

Ninnodalaka nenu

Nannodalaka nuvvu

Kshanamodalaka neetho

Unta jathagaa

Naa hrudhayam nuvvai

Nee hrudhayam nenai

Usuraagani usurai

Unta jathagaa

Nadiche nee dharilo

Nilicha godarila

Aakhari varaku

Viduvaku adugu

Nee kougililone

Nidurone nanne

Ee kaanuka chaalu

Naakadhi varame

Aluperagani payanam

Nee odilo pranam

Velakattani premai

Madithe velugai


Where can I watch Roberrt in Telugu ?

Amazon Prime Video. After an impressive run at the box office, Darshan-starrer Roberrt, will now be released on Amazon Prime Video on April 25. It can be streamed in five languages - Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi.

Who is the singer of Robert movie?

Harikrishna and Arjun Janya composed the soundtrack. Cinematography and editing are performed by Sudhakar S Raj and KM Prakash respectively. \nThe film was theatrically released on 11 March 2021.

what is the story line of the Robert movie ?

Raghava lives in Lucknow with his son Arjun and is the head cook in a Brahmin caterer where he helps his caterer's daughter Amrutha in a catering job, who soon falls for him for his honesty. Meanwhile, Balaram Tripathi, an ex-minister vows vengeance on Raghava: Balaram had planned an assassination attempt on ministerial candidate Omkar Shukla after he was humiliated in a wrestling betting, but was saved by Raghava. Tripathi had arranged his son Kishan's marriage with the Central minister's daughter for political gain but was ruined by Raghava and Arjun.

Tripathi kidnaps Raghava and tells his henchman to finish him off and Arjun (who was asleep in his home), who is held at gunpoint. Raghava violently finishes all of them and Tripathi. Kishan seeks the help of crime boss, Sarkar, to kill Raghava and dispatches men to finish him. But Raghava kills them without anyone's knowledge. Sarkar is astonished to see Raghava and reveals that Raghava is Robert and Arjun is not his son. Meanwhile, Amrutha also confronts Raghava about his past:

Few years ago: In Mangalore, Robert and Raghava are friends/brothers, who work for Sarkar's elder brother Nanabhai, who were separated from each other due to jealousy. Robert helps Raghava and Thanu express their love for each other to their parents, who decline but later accept their relationship. They get married and have a son Arjun. Meanwhile, Robert and Raghava discover Nana's son Cherry indulging in human trafficking and they kill him despite Nana's requests. While celebrating Arjun's birthday, Nana's gang gets attacked by unknown forces and Thanu is killed in the crossfire. Depressed about Thanu's death and worried about Arjun's future. Raghava becomes approver to police by divulging Nana's crimes to the commissioner.

Raghava finds that Nana planned the encounter and arrives at Robert's den where he believes Robert to be behind Nana's plan, the two indulge in a fight. However, Nana arrives along with Sarkar, who reveals that it was their plan all along and also divulges that Nana was the main mastermind behind the human traffickling and Cherry was following his others. Nana kills Thanu's parents and throws a dead Raghava, Robert, and an infant Arjun into a ship container where they drown it in the sea. Robert and Arjun survive and escape the drowned container. Raghava makes Robert take a vow that he will raise Arjun in a non-violent manner.

Where can I get Roberrt  movie lyrics in Telugu?

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