National Cancer Awareness Day

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National Cancer Awareness Day 

National Cancer Awareness Day annually observes on 7th November.

Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan first announced the day in September 2014. Also, the day was first celebrated in the year 2014.

Since 2014, annually commemorates the day to raise awareness about cancer and to strive to make it a global health priority.

National Cancer Awareness Day Facts

Significantly, Suhurtham Scheme proposed by the state government of Kerala provides free of cost for cancer treatment in district and medical college hospitals. It is an initiative that aims to substantially reduce the premium burden on the common man.

Cancer Symptoms

In particular, cancer has no specific symptoms. So, it is important to realize that people should limit their risk factors and undergo appropriate cancer screening. Annually, cancer treatment advances and combined with early detection has made many cancers treatable.

In general, common cancer symptoms are,

Bowel habits change, for example, continuous diarrhoea.

Consistent cough or blood-tinged saliva, usually represent simple infections such as bronchitis.

Blood in the stool

Unknown anaemia (low blood count), that is unless there is an obvious source of ongoing blood loss, this anaemia needs to be explained.

Breast lumps


Urination change

Cancer Treatment

Specifically, there are different types of cancer treatment depending on cancer types.


Radiation Therapy


Hormone Therapy

Targeted Therapy

Stem Cell Transplant


Precision Medicine

Cancer Prevention

Important to realize that the best way to fight cancer is by prevention and early detection

Healthy diet

Healthy Weight

Physically Active

Sun Protection

Get vaccinated

Avoid risky behaviours

Don’t use tobacco

Regular check-ups

In conclusion, to raise global awareness about cancer, Himalai wants to celebrate National Cancer Awareness Day as a part of Our India Our Pride Events.

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